Aluminum Honeycomb Perforated Acoustic Panel

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A cutting-edge material designed to provide a range of exceptional features and benefits. Main features: Large Surface Area and High Flatness: The panel boasts a generous surface area and excellent flatness, ensuring a visually appealing and seamless appearance in any environment.

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HIGH STRENGTH & LIGHTWEIGHT: Our panels are constructed from high-strength aluminum material that provides excellent structural integrity while still maintaining lightweight characteristics. Excellent sound absorption and fire/water resistance: The panel has excellent sound absorption performance, effectively reducing noise reverberation. In addition, it is also fireproof and waterproof, suitable for various environments.

EASY TO INSTALL AND REPLACE: Our panels are designed for quick and easy installation. Each panel can be easily removed and replaced individually for easy maintenance or replacement. Customizable to meet customer needs: We offer customization options in size, shape, finish and color, ensuring our panels can meet our customers' unique and individual requirements.

SPECIFICATIONS: Fire performance: Comply with Class B1 flame retardant standard to ensure the best fire performance.

Aluminum Honeycomb Perforated Acoustic Panel (2)
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TENSILE STRENGTH: Ranging from 165 to 215MPa, exhibiting the high tensile strength of the panel. Proportional elongation stress: meet or exceed the minimum requirement of 135MPa, showing its excellent elastic properties.

ELONGATION: A minimum of 3% elongation is achieved at a gauge length of 50mm. APPLICATION: Our aluminum honeycomb perforated acoustic panels are ideal for a variety of applications in large public buildings, including: subway theaters and auditoriums radio and television textile factory Industrial facilities with excessive noise gym Whether used as acoustic wall or ceiling panels, our panels significantly improve acoustic performance while ensuring the highest standards of fire safety and durability. Enhance the quality and comfort of any space with our innovative solutions.

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